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pining is 100000% the most important aspect of pre-relationship fic for me. good-natured whole-hearted pining filled with lovelorn gazing and chest aching and fluttering touches, that’s my top priority. i was put on this earth to watch characters suffer over the profundity of their love for another person. unrequited love is why god made me. characters finding out that their feelings are reciprocated after long months/years of suffering is why the universe was assembled from nothingness. amen.




We’ve come to expect impossible, even improbable standards of beauty to populate our magazines and our television shows. It’s another thing entirely to find they’ve invaded our workplace.

Watch Vox’s full video to see the many other ways these unrealistic beauty standards effect where we work.

Damn I’m screwed

I had to learn about this stuff in Speech Class. The point was so that we could remember to “look our best” when we present a speech, but all it did was prove to me how much easier life is for the conventionally attractive, and it wasn’t just me being delusional. :(

Apparently people are just nicer to you in general if you’re attractive.






This adorable picture is taken from one of my personal furoku books (they’re basically special goodies and bonuses that were given out by Nakayoshi for promotional purposes). To my knowledge, my scan is the only one available of this particular picture, so enjoy!


This adorable picture is taken from one of my personal furoku books (they’re basically special goodies and bonuses that were given out by Nakayoshi for promotional purposes). To my knowledge, my scan is the only one available of this particular picture, so enjoy!

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Makoto- Good Morning | Tachibana Makoto (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

good morning,
eh? you are still sleepy? 
No you can’t, we will be late again.
hm? 5 more mins?
not that again…
you said that and fell asleep yesterday and the day before.
its no use making those sound, its not gonna work today.
here, hurry up and change your clothes.
lets go together.



Free! cellphone model list, compiled:

- Haruka: SoftBank PANTONE SLIDE Sharp 825SH in Aqua Blue
- Makoto: SoftBank PANTONE SLIDE Sharp 825SH in Lime green
- Nagisa: docomo SMART series NEC N-04A in Ultimate Pink
- Rei: docomo PRO series Sharp SH-04A in White
- Rin: Closest I was able to find was au Toshiba W65T in Jet Black. The color of the dial and the four buttons on the top keypad are different.
- Gou: SoftBank Samsung 920SC in non-existent black ✕ pink color combination
- Gou’s camera: Olympus Camedia FE-330 in Diamond Pink, released in February 2008.

All known phones so far had a JP release date of 2008 through February 2009.
Everyone had silder phones.

Was Free! really set in 2009…?


Little Princesses by Hollulu


Little Princesses by Hollulu

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perfect depiction of white saviors in media

(parody of freedom writers)


"With all due respect, I’m a white lady. I can do anything."

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I know character customization probably won’t be in the Hoenn Remakes,

but like what if character customization won’t ever be in any future Pokemon games ever again??

I mean Kalos was very “beauty”/fashion oriented and very “foreign” so there was a plot-related reason for it so I’m worried that in future games they just plain won’t have that ability anymore? :c


Cutie Mark Crusaders Wild Rainbow brushables have appeared on eBay and are once again Target exclusives. The good news is that these are sold as singles, so no need to buy a complete set. All info and plenty of images: http://www.mlpmerch.com/2014/07/wild-rainbow-cmc-brushables-in.html



This is something that was bugging me a little bit so, as always, I’ve decided to make an infograph. 

Maybe other artists disagree, but when I ask for a request, it’s a fun game. You give me a suggestion and I build on it. It’s a team project. You don’t know what you’re going to get.

If your request takes longer than 3 sentences to describe, it’s not a request. It’s a commission. It’s something so specific, the artist will essentially be working for your specific scene for free.

And of course - DO NOT REQUEST THAT AN ARTIST DRAW YOU SOMETHING if you don’t see that they are specifically accepting requests.

People have been requesting free art from us our whole lives. We’ve had plenty of that. If we want to draw you free stuff, we’ll let ya know. Don’t just assume we have free time - just like you wouldn’t come up to a doctor at a grocery store and ask them to examine your twisted ankle.

Unless you’re a person who does that… in which case… don’t do that either.

I’d like to remind people that this goes for writing requests, too.

And if an artist or writer has a list of “what I do/don’t do” then please respect that.


Steven Universe is getting 104 episodes.


Comic-Con Exclusive: Cartoon Network Renews 'Adventure Time,' 'Regular Show,' 3 More


Check out this awesome news!

Some people might be confused: didn’t Steven Universe already get renewed for a second season?

Answer: No, it didn’t!  It received a PICK-UP for it’s first season, putting us at 52 11-minute episodes.  This second season is ANOTHER 52 episodes of Steven Universe!  THAT’S 104 EPISODES OF STEVEN UNIVERSE. THEY ARE COMING.  EVENTUALLY.  GET EXCITED.








Sgt. Thomas McVicar of the Jersey City Police Department shot 22 year old Kwadir Felton, leaving him blind, after Kwadir pulled a gun on him, he claims. Kwadir Felton denied the accusation, stating that he doesn’t even carry guns.

"I don’t understand!" Felton yelled at a police officer before his mother was removed from the courtroom. "You didn’t have to shoot me in the head for no reason! You trying to charge me with something I didn’t do!"

Sign the Change.org petition and get this story out there.

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This post has 140k notes, yet the change.org petition only has 44k. Sign the damn petition! 

This broke my fucking heart.

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