Hetalian Pony
I read the synopsis for the "Equestria Girls" film on wikipedia and it doesn't seem nearly as bad as it originally came across (it actually looks kind of interesting? whoops)


I mean sure, the trailer looks reeeeeally generic, and man it might be?? But it doesn’t look nearly as bad as bronies are making it out to be, got dang.

I mean I can understand having low expectations, that’s totally fine. But saying EG ruined FiM 4ever? No. Saying that the girls are ugly because holy crap they’re no longer equines??? NO. Crying misandry because Spike is a dog? No.

Also bronies have been begging for a male character in MLP that the girls could become friends with but but but he’s ATTRACTIVE and might be a potential LOVE INTEREST so suddenly he’s icky!!!

haha sorry for rambling